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Insider Info: Rancher Brett DeBruycker on Producing Top-Quality Charolais Cattle

Mon 09 Mar, 2020

Co-owner of DeBruycker Charolais, Brett DeBruycker discusses producing top-quality Charolais cattle

Brett DeBruycker

Q: What will customers experience when working with DeBruycker Charolais?
A: We strive for your customer experience to be a fully positive one. You’ll enjoy a peaceful, positive, stress-free purchase, where you receive quality genetics, resulting in a continued desire to use DeBruycker Charolais bulls into the future.

Q: Who buys your product?
A: Commercial ranchers looking to add profit to their cattle herd.

Q: What are the goals of DeBruycker Charolais?
A: To produce Charolais bulls that help you, the commercial cattle producer, be profitable. The DeBruycker bulls are built to have all the economically important traits: successful calving, good growth, high performance, feed efficiency and excellent carcass quality.

Q: Why choose DeBruycker Charolais?
A: Because DeBruycker Charolais-sired calves are the most sought-after in the industry. Cattle feeders and meat packers actively compete for the top-quality DeBruycker Charolais-sired calves, the reason being because DeBruycker Charolais genetics have been bred to perform on grass and at the feedlot. Plus, they have tremendous carcass traits that make the packer more efficient, as well as yielding a top-notch product that our consumers love.

Q: How does your management style stand out from other cattle producers?
A: I would say we cull extremely hard and our selection process for our Charolais bull genetics is very solid for all aspects. We never single-trait-select and we’re always looking at the entire package: from birth, to growth, to carcass – along with having eye appeal.

Your next DeBruycker Charolais Bull sale is on April 4th 2020 at the Western Livestock Auction, Great Falls Montana, see you there!

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