The DeBruycker Story...

There are many cattle breeds that have served to make the US beef industry a power to reckon with in terms of high quality beef—one of the most important is, indisputably, Charolais. It has been said that no other breed has impacted the North American beef industry so significantly as the introduction of Charolais.

With roots in the cattle industry since 1933 and purebred Charolais since 1963, DeBruycker Charolais provide you with top quality Charolais bulls and heifers with genetics that meet the demands of both purebred and commercial producers. DeBruycker genetics receive feeder and customer respect and confidence through deep industry roots, years of experience, and proven feedlot and carcass data.

The DeBruyckers

The DeBruyckers are third-generation Montana ranchers who have been in the ranching industry for nearly 100 years, with almost half this time spent raising purebred Charolais cattle & Charolais bulls. At the fore front of this large family-run business, were Lloyd & Jane – who were nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in promoting the Charolais breed. After more than 40 years in the business, Lloyd and Jane have both passed on but their legacy lives on through their seven children. Of their seven, four are directly involved and the other three assisting where and when they can – most even have cattle of their own. We now have a handful of grandchildren coming back to join the family business. Which i guess means we have 5th generation ranchers among us!

lloyd & janeFor Lloyd and Jane, it all began in the late 1950s with a single Charolais bull. Little did they know that this, their first purchase, was to be the start of a life-long love affair with Charolais! Using Charolais in a cross-breeding program on their commercial cattle, the couple realized the tremendous gain in red meat production and the incredible enhancement in the quality of the beef. And so it was decided: Charolais was the breed for them! But it wasn’t until 1963, after purchasing 12 percentage heifers from Buddy Cobb and using artificial insemination, that the foundation was set for the DeBruycker Charolais cattle herd. It was a modest start, with only a handful of bulls raised and sold each year. Lloyd and Jane were always careful to select the very best genetics to advance their program.

A handful of years and a lot of hard work later, Lloyd began feeding cattle at a local feedyard. It was to be a turning point for their business. This heavy involvement in feeding cattle helped to keep the DeBruycker Charolais breeding program on the right path. The feedyard was used as a tool to improve DeBruycker Charolais cattle both in their performance and feed efficiency as well as collecting carcass data to assure that DeBruycker genetics were top quality. Staying focused on the ultimate goal and steering clear of industry fads created Charolais cattle that 1)are born easily, 2)grow efficiently and gain cost-effectively, and 3)have good carcass quality. Having earned industry respect, for being reputable and trustworthy, the DeBruycker family have built a steady customer base with buyers returning year after year. The DeBruycker family continues to utilize the feedlot as a tool for improving the Charolais breed, following the cattle through to harvest and then using the resulting data to strengthen their breeding program.

Forward Thinking

DeBruyckers were one of the first, if not the first, to develop a ‘lease bull program’. The initiative enabled people to use Charolais bulls in an affordable manner which, in turn, created many new customers for the Charolais breed. The DeBruycker family has also been strong supporters of Charolais crossbred calves, both in the auction barn and at private treaty. The 1970s saw the DeBruyckers’ involvement in a branded beef program called ‘Charpak’, wherby Charolais beef was packaged and sold using the Charolais name. Although no longer in operation, the program demonstrates their knack for innovative thinking, and for driving initiatives which are now being harnessed for other agricultural products and breeds.

High Achievers

DeBruycker Charolais - The Best !! When it comes to awards, the DeBruycker family has done well in many gain and carcass contests throughout the country. One such renowned contest is the Great Western Beef Expo in Sterling, CO. Through the years, DeBruycker Charolais steers performed well and were blessed with numerous championship awards, justifying their belief in the excellence of Charolais cattle.

The DeBruyckers have also been involved in showing Charolais breeding cattle at the Montana State Fair, as well as showing breeding cattle at the Denver Stockshow. However...certificates and trophies aside, at the core of the DeBruycker family is love for and a belief in its cattle – a family whose sole aim is to nurture and enhance the Charolais breed and show to the world that the right Charolais genetics possess the ideal attributes for the cattle industry as a whole.

DeBruycker knowledge and expertise has been proven by successful sales of breeding animals throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada – even as far across the globe as Korea. Semen from DeBruycker herd sires has also been sold to these countries, as well as to Australia, proving that there really is no distance too far when it comes to spreading the word about the Charolais breed!

The Future

The DeBruycker Charolais breeding program relies extensively on repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising. DeBruyckers have an exemplary service record for dealing with customers, and a commitment to promoting the Charolais cattle & Charolais bull breed. While you’ll find some breeders dabbling in various cattle fads, the DeBruyckers steer clear of these behaviors. DeBruycker's motto has always been "just facts, not fads". Following this pillar has resulted in top quality genetics and herd uniformity.

The DeBruycker aim is clear: to raise cattle that produce the best and create profitability for their customers. The result? Cattle that calve well, grow fast and attract top beef prices at the packing plant. DeBruyckers' many years of dedication, commitment, hard work, passion and belief has all paid off: DeBruycker Charolais and their breeding stock lines have become a cattle industry's benchmark.

Meet the DeBruycker Family!

Meet the DeBruycker family!!

I am really impressed with my DeBruycker bulls, they are real easy keeping bulls with lots of length and thickness.

Tom Dean
Cherokee, TX

Cattle feeders aggressively purchase DeBruycker-sired calves because of the added performance and feed efficiency.


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