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Charolais Genetics – You Can Rely on DeBruycker

Mon 24 Feb, 2020

Charolais genetics – why you can rely on DeBruycker...

Charolais facts: Charolais cattle are thought to have originated in a French area near Burgundy, called Charolles, with Charolais characteristics first being recognised around 800 AD.

It’s been said that no other breed has impacted the North American beef industry so significantly!

Are you looking for those extra-special Charolais genes?

DeBrucyker Charolais Genetics

Look no further, as our purebred DeBruycker Charolais genes have been around since 1963, and have received feeder and customer respect and confidence through deep industry roots, years of experience, and proven feedlot and carcass data.

You ‘herd’ it here first!
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