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The cattle business is about more than meat production!

Tue 16 Feb, 2016

The cattle business is about more than meat production. Ranchers care for for their cattle in much the same way that Ainsley has cared for Bonnie and Bonnie now cares for JETT!

ranchers care for their cattle

Bonnie was a tiny little calf when she was born. We were not sure if she would make it. Ainsley nursed her back to health and Bonnie was bottle fed three times a day til she was old enough and big enough to no longer need milk.

Ainsley has loved Bonnie since the day they met and has taken wonderful care of her.

ranchers love their cattle

When Bonnie became old enough we bred her in the effort to make another young Baby Bonnie so Ainsley could continue to grow her herd. On February 13 Bonnie had a little bull calf which Ainsley aptly named JETT.

ranchers enjoy their cattle

We hope you enjoy the photos to view the excitement and love that Ainsley and Bonnie still have for each other today and the wonderful care that Bonnie is taking of new baby JETT.

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