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Montana Farmer's Union features The DeBruycker Family

Mon 07 Aug, 2017

<p>Member Profile: Meet the DeBruycker Family</p> <p>by Lyndsay Bruno | Aug 7, 2017</p> <p>This month we feature the the DeBruycker family who run Debruycker Charolais near Dutton. The DeBruyckers have raised purebred Charolais since 1963. The Debruyckers are third-generation Montana ranchers operating their ranch for nearly a century. The ranch was started by Lloyd and Jane DeBruycker who are still very involved to this day. Of their seven children, four are directly involved and the other three assist when able. Son Brett lives on the ranch and helps run the operation. He received a degree in Ag Economics from Montana State University.</p> <p>The DeBruyckers raise high quality Charolais bulls and heifers, winter wheat, malt barley and pulse crops. In advance of the June Farm Bill information meeting, hosted by Montana Farmers Union, KFBB visited the DeBruycker ranch and interviewed Brett about the importance of the Farm Bill.</p> <p>Brett pointed out that in the 2014 Farm Bill there was a 20 percent reduction in assistance. He also talked specifically about pieces of the Farm Bill that are of particular interest to the Debruycker operation that he worries could face reductions in the 2018 bill. “It really has potential negative effects on agriculture, not just Ag communities but in the cities,” said Brett. “With these reductions, lowering Ag research dollars is a big concern of mine. If you lower Ag research dollars you will have a less competitive U.S. farmer. In regards to pulse crops, talking about reducing funding for market development programs is also very risky. In this state and in this area especially pulse crops are just trying to take hold and help ease barley and wheat supply. If we lose funding to help develop markets for pulse crops like chick peas, lentils and the like you are just going to cut off the industry before it gets going.”</p> <p>Bozeman, everywhere. People need to be concerned in those areas because we need to keep agriculture strong.”You can find out more about DeBruycker Charolais by visiting their website at</p> <p><em>Lloyd and Jane DeBruycker started in the ranch in the 1960’s raising purebred Charolais.</em></p> <p>Read the full article at <a href="" target="_blank">Montana Farmer's Union</a> onlin</p>

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