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Darr Angell Ranch uses DeBruycker Charolais Bulls

Mon 18 Aug, 2014

Photos from New Mexico at the Darr Angell Ranch, Lovington, NM - July 2014

Darr Angell only uses DeBruycker Charolais bulls - thank you for your belief in our program.

spring cross bred calves

Spring Calves, 2014. Mr. Angell closed out a pen of heifers recently that converted 5.1 to 1 and gained over 4 lbs per day. The feedlot manager said it was the best performing pen they had ever had( a large feedlot in TX panhandle).

crossbred calves

They will have about 1200-1300 calves to sell this fall, 60% Char cross calves.

crossbred charolais calves

Calves at the Darr Angell Ranch.

first calf charolais heifer

First Calf Heifer

bred charolais cross heifers

Bred Heifers

fall calves

Fall Calves, 2013. The fall steers calves are weighing close to 800 and Mr. Angell is starting to sell approximately 75 head now.

darr angell

Darr Angell.

Darr Angell is looking to build to 3000 cows and are keeping most of the 1/2 blood heifers. His desire is to develop a herd of them.

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