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Commercial Rancher adds $150-$180/head by using DeBruycker Bulls

Thu 31 Mar, 2016

In 2014 - 2016 we had 99 head of virgin heifers bred to a DeBruycker Charolais bull KCM Mr. Smooth Y315.  The average birthweight was 77lbs with 88% completely unassisted births.

At weaning time in 2014 and 2015 these DeBruycker sired calves out of our virgin heifers have been yielding approximately $150-$180 more per head than comparatively to when we had our heifers bred to black Bulls. This is due to the increased weaning weight and better feedlot demand for Charolais sired calves.

charolais cross calves


charolais crossed calves


debruycker sired calves


debruycker sired calves

charolais angus crossed calves

angus crossed calves

angus crossed calves

DeBruycker Charolais genetics calve well and they grow fast! Yielding more Net Income for the rancher.

-Kesler and Cutter Martin

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