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Charolais bulls will help your bottom line

Sat 01 May, 2010

It's a simple fact that DeBruycker Charolais will increase your bottom line - not convinced? Here is some proof that can't be argued...

  • What is a Charolais bull worth? Rob Wellman's family sold 1200 calves at Western Livestock Auction on January 5, 2002. About 600 were Charolais cross calves and about 600 were black calves. The Charolais cross steers outsold others by $24.81 per head. The Charolais cross heifers outsold others by $34.70 per head.
    Charolais Advantage = $30 per head.
  • On March 1, 2002, DeBruycker Charolais was awarded the honor of being named the Seedstock Producer of the Year for the entire Charolais breed.
  • DeBruycker Charolais holds the performance record at Thier Feedlots in Rushmore, MN. 395 steers, In-weight-911 lbs., Out-weight-1438 lbs., Days on feed-119, ADG-4.42 lbs/day
  • Tim DeLong, 2001 Nevada Outstanding Rancher of the Year, uses DeBruycker Charolais bulls. His entire bull battery is DeBruycker raised.
  • George Higgens of Choteau, MT, sold his Charolais cross steer calves sired by DeBruycker Charolais bulls, averaging 800 pounds, for $110 more per head than his other breed calves-sold on the same market!

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