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Why Charolais Is The Best Cattle Breed For Calving

Thu 07 May, 2020

If you’re looking for the best cattle breed for calving, choose Charolais females – Charolais is one of the most popular cattle breeds in the US! Here’s why:

DeBruycker Charolais females are the best beef cattle breed for calving, as they’re easy calvers and boast fine maternal instincts.

Since Charolais females’ protective mothering instinct is quite strong, Charolais dams can be interesting to deal with when their offspring is nearby.

Great traits of Charolais females 

DeBruycker Charolais female

More reasons Charolais females are one of the most popular cattle breeds in the US are their good ability to travel, handle extreme weather conditions and raise impressive Charolais calves, drawing special praise from our customers, too!

Our DeBruycker Charolais females are bred for excellent udder quality, mothering ability and fertility – all necessary for having a top-quality herd of any breed.

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