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The Super Easy Way To Buy Your Beef Online Today

Mon 28 Feb, 2022

If you’re looking to buy beef online in the U.S., then look no further! 

Where to buy beef online in the U.S.

DeBruycker Charolais is the single largest producer of purebred Charolais cattle and we are excited to now be selling our top-quality Charolais meat through our new online store, DC Meat

Ordering beef online has never been easier!

Two steaks on a plate

To celebrate and to honor our lifelong love of great quality beef, our online beef store is now open for business at Buy DC Meat and our family is excited to be bringing our legendary homegrown quality beef – that we’ve enjoyed for decades – to the whole of the U.S.  

We want to share the same premium quality we’ve eaten as a family with customers and we want consumers to be confident in knowing where their food comes from,” says Owner, Brett DeBruycker.

DC Meat

If you’re buying beef online, visit the all-new DC Meat! We’re offering individual cuts as well as subscription boxes delivered to our customer’s homes

When ordering meat online, customers can expect excellent service, top genetics, stewardship and quality – we’re also aiming to bring you the best meat delivery service in the U.S..

5 reasons to buy DeBruycker Charolais beef 

We offer grain-finished, dry-aged, premium Charolais meat.

The Charolais breed is first in the industry for converting grass into remarkable meat and DeBruycker Charolais Meat is grass-fed, locally sourced, grain-finished and 21 dry-aged beef for consumers who can now order their meat online in the comfort of their own homes.

  • We are committed to producing top-quality genetics, and have won numerous Championships in gain and carcass contests, and showing breeding cattle.
  • Humanely raised under the Montana Big Sky on sunshine and grass, our Charolais cattle are finished for six months on locally-sourced grain, resulting in highly-marbled, full-flavored meat. 

Two Charolais bulls grazing in a field with mountains behind

  • The meat is dry-aged, an almost-forgotten craft tradition in the beef production industry. This technique, combined with the grain finish, gives a high-quality, legendary end product that is excellent-tasting, rich in iron and low in fat.
  • Charolais is an eco-friendly, efficient and sustainable breed to raise, as they are first in the industry for excellent performance in converting grass into remarkable meat. 
  • At the forefront of our family ethos is giving back. Says Brett: “We are committed to the future of America, to preserving local landscapes and family farms, strengthening economies and providing fresher, higher-quality food products.” 

    Ordering meat online has never been so easy, so if you’d like locally-sourced, fresh beef delivered to your door, just visit Buy DC Meat and choose from the many beef subscription boxes lovingly packed by hand, and shipped directly from our Montana ranch every Tuesday.

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