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Sale Day Precautions with Covid-19

Thu 02 Apr, 2020

Sale Day Q&As answered.
How is the Family planning for the day of the 2020 Bull Sale with COVID 19
We respect and appreciate every one of our customers/long time friends. Therefore, we respect and care also about the safety and health of each customer as well as their family.
What the family is providing...
  • Hand washing stations,
  • Plenty of hand sanitizer,
  • Masks for those who wish to wear them
  • And! Strongly Encouraging people to follow Public Health Guidelines as well as Social Distancing Guidelines


Will there be a DeBruycker lunch?

Yes! We will be providing a delicious lunch!
However, rather than a big lunch where we all join together, we are instead providing a delicious sack lunch by Cathy Campbell.
Please use social distancing guidelines when you grab your sack lunch. We encourage everyone to please spread apart. You can eat your lunch in the stands or wherever you feel most comfortable.
Will there be an after-dinner?
Unfortunately, there will be no DeBruycker-hosted dinner this year.
All restaurant dining areas are closed.
However, many restaurants are available for takeout. We ask buyers to please organize dinner as you wish and call to order out to any restaurant of choice.
Do you have advice for the costumers who come to the Bull Sale?
We understand that bull sales are many times the main outing that ranchers have and it's somewhat of a bull-cation for all! However, this year we have asked all customers to only attend with those necessary for purchasing bulls, and we, as a family, are doing the same and asking any non-essential family members to remain at home.
We ask all to follow public health guildelines and to be respectful of others in the audience as we have learned that this virus is not about us as individuals but about being cognizant and respectful of those who are more susceptible to contracting it.
How do you want to protect your family at Bull Sale, and what do you expect from your customers?
We have members of our own family who are more susceptible and they will remain home. However, because we have to go home to our family, we ask ranchers to also take precautions for the sake of our family too.
Why did you not cancel the Bull Sale in these times where everyone has to stay home?
There was much internal discussion on whether to hold a  live bull sale this year. In contacting our customers many stated that they are relying on us to help provide them with bulls that can service their cows and that it was important for them to view the bulls in person. We also acknowledged that even in these unsettled times it is imperative ranchers must move forward toward the future so they can continue production for future calf crops. 
Since we learned that many producers wish to see the bulls first hand to help make their selection, we decided we would host a live bull sale to best service our customers' needs and requests and at the same timed take all necessary precautions to help people stay healthy and safe.


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