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Packing Plants state they can't find enough DeBruycker-sired calves

Mon 27 Mar, 2017

Packing Plants and Feedlots can't find enough DeBruycker Charolais-sired calves.

Have you wondered...what do packing plants and feedlots have to say about DeBruycker Charolais-sired calves? Well, here are a few quotes directly from their mouths...

Jeff Rudolph, President of Hi-Gain Feedlot in Cozad, Nebraska states...

'Great performance in many different areas that are important to us and important to our bottom line including feed efficiency and gain.'

'The advancement in the DeBruycker Charolais genetics is hard to ignore - including the outweight on steer calves; we've seen with an increase of 100 pounds or so over the past 10 years.'

'...In a business that that remains very competitive we need to continue to seek out the best genetic lines that provide the performance the feedlot looks for.'

Packing plants state, 'We can't find enough calves out of DeBruycker bulls'.

To hear it direct, please tune into The American Rancher and scroll to 7:30 to hear more from Jeff Rudolph.

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