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Movie Premier | Everybody is a little bit CHOTEAU

Sat 28 Dec, 2019

Announcing Premier Movie Screening January 5, 2020

at the Legendary Roxy Theatre of Choteau, Montana

Montana Ranchers Pay Tribute To The Unsung Heroes Of The U.S. And The World


Choteau, MT: Today, top Charolais cattle breeders from Montana, DeBruycker Charolais, are excited to announce the launch of their first movie: ‘Everybody Is A Little Bit Choteau’.  Created to celebrate the dedicated, hard-working people of America and the world, it features well-known Dutton and Choteau residents.


WATCH NOW: Everybody is a little bit Choteau


Says Brett DeBruycker, co-owner, DeBruycker Charolais: “The people in the film are representative of all the people who fight the same fight every day in America and around the world. Every farmer, rancher, teacher, tire guy – it’s time to show their fantastic, significant and motivating stories! These people are, for us, real heroes”.


“The people of Choteau and other small towns are the backbone of America. They all work hard every day in the same robust and remarkable way – for what? To feed, support, and contribute to their nation!” – Uwe Stemmler, Producer, ‘Choteau’.


“From now on, ‘Choteau’ is a symbol that means: You are real, authentic, and important – you are a little bit Choteau! The film is about more than the people of Choteau – it’s a tribute to all the people in small towns across the globe: Every Farmer, Rancher, Teacher, Tire guy, Volunteer in the small Cities of America. It is time to show their fantastic, significant, and motivating stories.” – Jody Dahl, ‘Choteau’.


The premier screening of the movie will be held on January 5th, 2020 at The Roxy Theatre, 25 Main Avenue N, Choteau, and guests will enjoy a pre-show spread of wine, cheese and crackers. Doors to the Premier Event will open at 3.30pm, with the showing at 4pm and donations will be taken at the door to support local foundation, Choteau’s Beef to School Program.


Brought to you by Debruycker Charolais:  Producers of top quality genetics and herd uniformity. Winners of numerous Championship awards in gain and carcass contests, and showing breeding cattle


About DeBruycker Charolais: The DeBruyckers are third-generation Montana ranchers who have been in the ranching industry throughout Dutton and Choteau, Montana, for nearly 100 years – they’ve spent almost 50 years raising purebred Charolais cattle and bulls. At the forefront of this large family-run business, are Lloyd and Jane DeBruycker, internationally recognized as leaders in promoting the Charolais breed. Of their seven children, five are directly involved in the business, and the other two assist with marketing and where they can – most have cattle of their own.


Watch the trailer of their new movie ‘Everybody Is A Little Bit Choteau

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