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Thu 05 May, 2022 coming this September! Get on the list now! Just drop us an email to get on our waiting list. The first 50 on our waiting list receive VIP treatment! The commissions per sale and fee/sale is reinvested into our National Marketing Program.

Small businesses, farms and ranches are the backbone of the U.S. economy; they create jobs and drive innovation – and no-one knows that more than us.

Lloyd and Jane is committed to small business success. We offer that platform for you to stand out and band together marketing cooperatively!

We would love to invite you to join us as a partner in Lloyd and Jane, a marketplace dedicated to supporting businesses we love.

Lloyd and Jane logo


You have been chosen as an inaugural member because of the quality of your products, personal connections and the strength of your brand. (We love you and what you do!).

The idea behind Lloyd and Jane is to aggregate, under one virtual roof, individual producers and small business owners from all over the country who are making, raising, roasting, growing, writing, selling and more.

The merchants, once accepted through a a short application process, will be able to build and edit their own storefronts through a simple online interface. 

Included in the Lloyd and Jane offering will be everything from organic poultry and grass-fed beef, to art prints, clothing and furniture... and more!

The connecting factor here is and will always be small businesses who are U.S.-based, ship nationwide and make things in small batches that consumers love.

How much does it cost to get listed on Lloyd and Jane?

It is free to list with Lloyd and Jane! Once your item sells, Lloyd and Jane retains a portion of the sale. This final fee once a product sells is 8% of the sale price, plus $0.30 per order. These fees are then reinvested on marketing for YOU. Our goal is to cooperatively market some of the most outstanding small business products and owners across America!

To give you an idea of what we envision, we have built a series of clickable prototypes, which you can access below.


Homepage showing slide show  – click through to simulate home page with slideshow.


Home page > Dropdowns > Category Page – click global nav to see dropdowns, click 'Beef' under 'Meat' to go to the Beef category. Click 'Home' from there to start over.


Merchant Page > Merchant Store > Product Page > Checkout  – click on “Merchants” in global nav, click on Miette on the merchant page. Continue through checkout, selecting Box of Macarons, select add to Cart, choose Credit Card, etc. 


Apply to be a merchant


You’re a merchant! Set up your store – click through to see dropdowns and two-page form.

We look forward to marketing a stellar example of community, care and quality, and we look forward to your partnership. Remember, we want to find out how you are unique and what makes you stand out from the rest!

Founder, Jody Dahl is the daughter and legacy keeper of the legendary Lloyd and Jane DeBruycker, who built a nationally-renowned, family-run ranching business in Montana, where they have raised grass-fed Charolais cattle for decades.

Jody has received accolades from various large media outlets, including The Food Network, Shape magazine,, Western Horseman, ABC news and so much more. Jody's previous marketing programs for sites such as Top50 Ranches have accrued large followings and, as she continues to contribute to the growth of her family’s business, she is looking forward to helping other merchants across the country to achieve the same success.

Contact us to get on our list before September!

Who are Lloyd and Jane DeBruycker?

Lloyd and Jane DeBruycker established their cattle ranching business, DeBruycker Charolais in 1963.

The DeBruyckers are third-generation Montana ranchers who have been in the ranching industry for nearly 100 years, with almost half this time spent raising purebred Charolais cattle and Charolais bulls.

Lloyd and Jane DeBruycker were nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in promoting the Charolais breed, and after more than 40 years in the business, Jane is still directly involved in the operation and Lloyd, considered a Legend, passed away in 2021…but the legend lives on.

The DeBruycker Charolais brand and family is known for its integrity, honesty and that a handshake is all you need with this family.

Today, Lloyd and Jane’s family is carrying on their quest for excellence and bring to you a platform – – where all farmers, ranchers and individuals who offer quality natural and homegrown produce and products have a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Lloyd and Jane – Our New Venture

We create a nationally recognized and trusted brand, that is associated with quality and consistency across multiple verticals.

What We Offer

Lloyd and Jane is a valuable resource for overwhelmed consumers seeking qualified, vetted and trusted farms, ranches and small family businesses from whom consumers can purchase quality natural, homegrown products. Our goal is to support the small business and family to help them stand out above the crowd to sell their products to consumers nation-wide.

Lloyd and Jane serves an unfulfilled niche in the market, by helping authentic farms and ranches and family businesses showcase their unique and individually-made grown and made products to the world.

We aim to eliminate the guesswork for the consumer by only seeking and showcasing premier natural and homegrown ranch, farm and family products. We work with only those businesses who are individually and family owned and who showcase the top products within each industry, so customers automatically know they’re getting the best.

How Lloyd and Jane Works

We only work with top products sector/industry nationwide and those businesses will be granted access to all the benefits this will bring. The chosen businesses will be unique, authentic, offering excellent quality and putting the customer first.

Lloyd and Jane endeavours to deliver highly targeted exposure for this exclusive collection of top producers.

Each showcased farm/ranch/family will have their own individual storefront within as opposed to being listed ‘directory-style’. To become listed, there is a yearly fee and this is reinvested into Lloyd and Jane Signature Global Marketing Program.

Please note: ranches, farms, families and individuals will not be accepted on their ability to pay a fee – each must meet and the highest mark in product and customer service.

Each business is consistently vetted by the Lloyd and Jane team, as well as by the consumers.

Lloyd and Jane Branding and Marketing

Lloyd and Jane is a high quality, dedicated brand with a precisely defined target market.

We proactively market our Member Businesses and understand the need for the strength of brand.

Lloyd and Jane offers strong reliable branding and marketing, and gives the business economic marketing power, and customers the security of buying from a known and trusted brand.

Lloyd and Jane PR and Marketing Strategy

Lloyd and Jane will offer the chosen businesses dedicated and targeted Marketing and PR, national on- and offline campaigns, co-operative opportunities, cross-marketing and more.


PR Campaigns has relationships with multiple consumer sites, print channels and media, and creates group press releases segmented by ranch, farm, family, individual or product.

These releases are created throughout the year and sent to our media network on your behalf.

Other Marketing Campaigns

Group email campaigns to our dedicated Subscriber database, consisting of fans who have identified themselves as having an interest in quality produce and products by small business.

Various SEO and SEM/AdWord campaigns via Common Products, Specials and Offerings, aiming to drive traffic to Lloyd and Jane and to our ranches, farms, families and individuals’ businesses.

Group marketing campaigns driving traffic to Lloyd and Jane landing pages.

Individual campaigns established for each business.

In the family’s additional businesses, they have received accolades in various large media outlets including The Food Network, Shape magazine,, Western Horseman and so much more. The DeBruycker marketing team is active, avid and aggressive.

How Lloyd and Jane Stands Apart

Why becoming a Member will benefit your business

Lloyd and Jane doesn’t just list ranches, farms, families and individuals willing to pay. A business must be uniquely caring to the customer to be included in our collection. Once listed and signed up, we conduct regular vetting and reviews, to ensure quality control and to give customers peace of mind.

The commissions per sale and fee/sale is reinvested into our National Marketing Program.

Lloyd and Jane is not just a website. Behind it is an active marketing team for an elite community, constantly vetting 1000+ nationwide farms, ranches, families and individuals, narrowing them down and ensuring only those offering the utmost quality are chosen.

Lloyd and Jane logo

We work to understand your current marketing efforts so that we can cost-effectively complement and successfully increase exposure on your behalf.

Each business must provide customers with a premier service. Lloyd and Jane’ Member Businesses offer authentic, ‘distinctive’ experiences for our customers and in-depth knowledge.        

No other platform is as customer focused on SMALL BUSINESS ONLY AND on farm, ranch, family and individual-focused.                 

The Lloyd and Jane web team, stationed in Laguna Beach California, is at the forefront of SEO and growth marketing, and has partnered with leaders in the industry to ensure strong connections for your business.

Lloyd and Jane will create solid coverage for you, with our proactive marketing strategies and strong connections.

Our aim is to...

Position businesses aligned with Lloyd and Jane, as leaders and experts in the world’s small business of America.

Position businesses aligned with Lloyd and Jane, as those with the deepest understanding of the evolving needs of their customers, enabling them to create sophisticated natural and homegrown products for consumers seeking a departure from poor quality and service.

Communicate our Member Businesses’ commitment to delivering an extraordinary customer experience.

Communicate our commitment to showcasing only the best businesses who care for their customer.

Generate targeted media lists and coverage that directly raise awareness, increase traffic and ultimately sales.

Cultivate relationships that promote an environment that fosters creativity and innovative thinking.

Create a bespoke marketing and media plan that works in harmony with your marketing efforts, to support your long and short-term goals.


Marketing team

The family members behind the new Lloyd and Jane venture is also the the individual who has gone behind the following successful individually-owned companies:

  • Leeloo Trading
  • Top50 Ranches
  • Runamuk Guest Ranch
  • DC Meats
  • Discover Ranches

The heavy focus on strong branding, marketing and PR campaigns is what has made these companies successful today, along with the teams’ passion and dedication to integrity and hard work.


Our previous marketing programs and efforts provided the following for businesses we represented.

Drove anywhere from 10-50% of revenue for businesses

Drove $7,000 to $300,000 in revenue depending upon the business and price point


Value Propositions


  • For overwhelmed food and product shoppers seeking a good selection of quality natural, homegrown products, our website brings together qualified, vetted and trusted  small businesses, farms, ranches and individuals from whom they can make hassle-free purchases, all from one place.
  • Hassle-free shopping with multiple small businesses one website
  • For the featured stores vetting is ongoing for ensured quality control.
  • Groceries are homegrown, natural and sustainably produced.
  • Businesses are treated with respect and with a desire for each business to succeed.
  • For authentic farms, ranches, families and individuals who want to be recognized as ‘the best in category’ and have their high quality retail products as well as their unique and sustainably grown/raised products showcased to the customers who are searching for them.
  • Member Businesses will be granted the accolade of being recognized by Lloyd and Jane as offering a unique product, with exceptional quality, moral and business values.
  • Lloyd and Jane proactively markets Member Businesses to highly-targeted consumers.
  • Lloyd and Jane PR and marketing initiatives will reach out to relevant media individuals/channels on your behalf, generating awareness of your product/business.

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