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DeBruycker Bulls Officially Approved For Hotly-Anticipated Montana Bull Sale

Mon 15 Mar, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that your Debruycker Charolais bulls have been approved for our next annual Montana bull sale! 

Two adults standing with some white Charolais bulls in a pen under a blue sky, facing the camera, one carrying a child

When it comes to the annual DeBruycker Charolais Montana Bull Sale, we make sure only the BEST of our bulls are put forward for auction.

And this is where the DeBruycker experts come in: each DeBruycker Charolais bull is handpicked for the bull sale in Montana, by none other than Jane DeBruycker herself.

Person in bright pink sweater petting white Charolais bull

After a really special Sunday afternoon, we’re excited to announce that your sale bulls are officially Jane-approved. 

Thank you Jane!

Person in pink sweater standing in pen with white Charolais bulls under blue sky

Join us at the DeBruycker Charolais annual bull sale in Montana, on 3rd April, 2021.

Click here to find out how to take part in the DeBruycker Charolais annual bull sale

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