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Buying The Best Bulls: How The Experts Choose Their Charolais

Tue 11 May, 2021

DeBruycker Charolais Bull Sale 2021, Montana

The annual DeBruycker Charolais bull sale in Montana was yet again a roaring success!

Loyal customers – many of whom have been coming each year – visited Montana from all over the United States to buy top-quality DeBruycker Charolais cattle.

Buying Charolais cattle in Montana at the annual DeBruycker Charolais bull sale is hotly-anticipated by many and the DeBruycker Charolais bull sale 2021 was no different, as there were nearly 700 Charolais bulls for sale

In this video by Kate’s Ag – Farm to Fashion, we take a look at what happens before and during the bull sale, for the bulls and the customers!

Find out from some of the buyers what they’re looking for from their Charolais cattle, what’s important for their business and what makes a top-quality Charolais bull in their eyes.


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