Charolais Facts:

DeBruycker Charolais females are excellent mothers.
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Charolais Facts:

Cattle feeders aggressively purchase DeBruycker-sired calves because of the added performance and feed efficiency.
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Charolais Facts:

DeBruycker cattle have the genetics for high quality meat, grading a strong percentage Choice with very little waste fat.
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My son's Charolais-cross steer was the Grand Champion carcass again this year thanks to the quality genetics your family has developed. It is pleasing to see the Charolais steers compete so well against the other breeds in the area. The carcass results for his steer were...REA:15.9”; REA/CWT: 2.03; Quality Grade: Choice; Yield Grade: 1.57; Steer of Merit.

Bruce Neumann, Geyser, MT


“I don’t know of anyone that has anything better than you have, I simply have not seen any cattle that can compete. The way they perform is amazing.”

Mark Anderson, Greeley, CO


Charolais Bulls For Sale

Download our 2015 Bull Sale Catalog | 2015 Bull EPDs

Please come see us April 4, 2015 at 12 Noon near Great Falls, Montana at Western Livestock Auction (406 Vaughn South Frontage Rd, Great Falls, MT 59404) for the 31st Annual DeBruycker Charolais Bull Sale to purchase quality genetics. If you cannot attend the sale but would like to bid on our performance bulls, please contact us as our bulls will also be selling on TV and online via Superior Livestock Auctions. View the 2015 Sale Bulls via our online Video Catalog.

Genetics In-Demand

With each year, DeBruycker cattle genetics become more in-demand and well-known by breeders, feeders and packers. Throughout the nation, there remains strong demand for calves out of Angus-based cows sired by DeBruycker Charolais bulls.

Customer Support...

We support our customers by aggressively bidding on/purchasing calves sired by our bulls. These DeBruycker-sired calves consistently top the video markets and auction sales in weight and price

Service Record...

We have an exemplary service record for dealing with customers. Your satisfaction is our success.

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